Megan M Cable

Megan M Cable

The Outdoorsy CPA

Let me handle your accounting so you can spend more time doing the things you love.


What I do


I work with small to mid size companies and nomadic entrepreneurs to support your accounting and finance processes that make up the backbone of your business.

At the simplest level, I am your bookkeeper. However, my background and experience gives me the skills and insight to be much more valuable to your business.

My goal is to help you get organized, streamline financial processes, understand your overall financial health and plan for the future you want. I offer hourly financial consulting or I can be integrated into your business to seamlessly take over those annoying accounting projects that you don’t want to deal with.


Services Include:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

  • Budget, Forecasting & Financial Analysis

  • Cash Flow Planning

  • Payroll

  • Virtual CFO Services

Specialize working with: Quickbooks, Netsuite,, Expensify, Gusto, and more. Working with a software that isn’t on this list? No problem, let’s chat.

My services are fully customized to you and your business. I would love to learn more about your business needs and have a productive conversation about how I can help. First consultation is free!


Megan is a complete rockstar! She helped my company in our early days and I couldn’t imagine life without her help. She laid a strong foundation and is an expert in Accounting, FP&A, and Tax. I’d hire Megan in an instant.
— Herman Ng, Branch Metrics

How it works


Consulting services are billed hourly at a rate agreed upon upfront.

You will receive a monthly invoice with a supporting timesheet.

My pricing structure & details will be posted soon. At this time, please contact me directly to obtain a quote for services.

Spreadsheets are my love language
— The Outdoorsy CPA

How I got here

My Experience

I have 10 years experience in accounting and finance spent in the San Francisco Bay Area working with companies of all sizes and industries. I started my career in public accounting at KPMG, and most recently, spent the last 3 years as a consultant working with early to mid stage startups. As a consultant at KBC, I led teams of 2-5 to manage accounting operations so founders could focus on developing and growing their business.  I worked with clients to implement efficient business processes, mange day-to-day finance operations, advise on complex accounting issues and support management on important strategic decisions.

I also spent 15 months living, working and adventuring on the road in a converted Sprinter van exploring 40 of our nation’s most beautiful (and some not-so-beautiful) states. As I was working remotely from the road, I became part of a growing nomadic community. Individuals that are willing to live out of a van or an RV tend to be doing life a little differently. The ability to think outside the box often goes hand in hand with an inspiring and creative entrepreneur spirit. I met a lot of interesting people, doing interesting things and hustling every day to build the life they want.

I am here today, branching out on my own because I have a desire to build my life around the things I love. After spending almost a decade in San Francisco, I know there are an overwhelming number of driven, smart and amazing people doing a lot of ground breaking things there. I’ve also learned the world of apps, technology and the next big “unicorn” startup just aren’t for me. There’s an app for everything, but sometimes I just want to throw my phone out the window and walk down the street to buy my own sandwich. My goal here is simple; work with interesting people and help them do interesting things.

This includes new businesses and old. Creatives, consulting agencies, construction companies, coffee shops, fitness studios, retail shops and everything in between. I want to learn more about what you’re doing, what is working for your business and what is not.

I am here to be a resource as you juggle the many complexities of owning a business. That may entail a few hours of consulting on your business plan, a day to cleanup your quickbooks account, a few weeks to help you setup the accounting for your new business or an ongoing relationship where I take over your accounting ops to give you more time focus other parts of your business.

I do not do taxes. I know, confusing - a CPA that doesn’t do taxes? Not everyone is familiar with this side of the profession, but we’re out here! Every year around April 15, my friends and family still ask me if I survived tax season (which is mostly unrelated to what I do)…maybe this website will help them better understand too. However, I do partner with a few different tax professionals and would love to introduce you to one if you require these services. I can work seamlessly with your existing or future tax professional to ensure they have all the information they need to complete your returns within required timelines. See below for CPA (inactive) license information.

I’m a nerd at heart and I have a spreadsheet for everything. I love solving puzzles - both jigsaw and larger business problems. I have a passion for organization and a true appreciation for efficiency. I value personal growth, living a healthy lifestyle, travel and building meaningful relationships both in and outside of my work.


Megan is a rare breed – never have I met someone who so easily anticipated my needs and went above and beyond to make my life easier on a regular basis. Megan is equally capable of diving into the details and solving complex technical problems, but it’s her flawless communication that sets her apart. From basic accounting to countless systems integrations to financial reporting, she handled everything I needed for two years. She has my utmost respect and emphatic recommendation.
— Shannon Lincoln, VP of Finance at Shippo

CPA Disclosure: 

CPA License # 116485 || License Status: Inactive

Issued August 2012 | Renewed as inactive in 2017 | Next Renewal due Jul 2019

What does it mean to have an inactive CPA license? An inactive license is current; however, the licensee is not required to meet the continuing education requirements and is not permitted to engage in the practice of public accountancy.

What does this mean for Megan Cable? I studied my ass off and passed the CPA exam in 2012 to become a licensed Certified Public Accountant. I practiced public accounting (audit) for 3 years before moving to the private sector. I maintained my active CPA license for 5 years before transitioning to an inactive status due to the high cost of CPE courses that I was paying for out of pocket. I still complete continuing professional education courses but over the last few years have not met the minimum threshold for an ‘active’ license renewal. This may change in 2019 but my skills and expertise are built on a platform of 10+ years of education + professional experience.


Let’s get started

First consultation is free! Send me a message below and we can schedule some time to chat.

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